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The Growling Whale Stitchery Repairs and Prices

-All prices listed below are the minimum charge for each repair.   For example, if you have a pair of cycling bibs with multiple crash holes, the cost will depend on the size, number, and locations of the holes.

-Also, every zipper is installed differently.  The more time it takes, the more it will cost.

-We can determine the time and supplies it will take for your specific repair.  If your repair will cost more than the minimum charge, we will contact you with an estimate before  we begin.

-We will also contact you if we cannot closely match your item's color or texture for a repair.  Please note that our choice of materials and colors are limited.

-WE ARE OPEN TO DISCUSSING ALL OTHER REPAIRS THAT YOU DO NOT SEE LISTED HERE.  We have the experience and skills to  perform all types of sewing repairs on all kinds of outdoor apparel.  

-PLEASE always contact us through a phone call, email, or text to make sure that we can repair your item.

***We DO NOT do any type of zipper repair on leather jackets***

Lycra Patch

$12 minimum

Misc. patch

$12 minimum

Waterproof patch on item w/ no lining (ex. gore-tex jacket)

$15 minimum

Waterproof patch on item with lining

$20 minimum

Replace stitching (ex. chamois unraveling)

$12 minimum

Clothing zipper slider replaced


Clothing zipper replacement

$35 minimum

Sleeping Bag zipper slider replaced


Tent patch

$15 minimum

Tent slider repair (this might just be all you tent needs to get zipping again)
Re-stuff down insulation $20 minimum

Velcro replacement

$15 minimum
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